Reality Check – Warning: Secession is now imperative and possibly inevitable.

I recently read an article about how stressful life in South Africa is and one would think few would deny this. However, many in South Africa do deny it and it only becomes clear to what extent this stress level is the case once you leave the country. Likewise the extent of the denial.

Imagine a person who has been institutionalised in a mental ward for many decades, then suddenly they find a cure and the person is released. Or a more familiar scenario, sadly, soldiers who are demobbed after being in war situations as with the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Is this an extreme comparison?

…Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is what I call it.

But what do you call it if you are still in the situation that is causing the stress? Abuse? Trauma? Neglect? No, apparently it is “normal”.

South Africans are being told that being the crime and rape capital of the world is normal. The killing and raping of an 80 year old for her cellphone is normal. Having tens of thousands of people go on a stealing rampage in the City centre of Cape Town is normal. (An age old ANC fear tactic for which they always pretend innocence – typical abuser behavior). It is apparently even OK to believe that raping a baby will cure HIV!

In fact this has been going on for so long, that many of the victims will even deny this and have accepted it as the norm. Even further, many of these victims now actively defend their abusers, so much so that if you dare raise the subject of baby rapes, you will lose your job (this actually happened). Not only has this abuse been going on for many decades, it has involved some of the very basic deep things anyone would take for granted in many civilised countries including safety and security, work, health, etc. etc.

…Stockholm Syndrome is what I call it.

Moreover, the instigators of the failed Mandelatopia have now been exposed as being nothing but self serving mafia who have simply being using the “cause” to serve their own purposes of self gain and elevation as well as the purposes of their communist masters. Two decades later, with many of the Robben Islanders having retired as multi-millionaires, they are STILL beating the same old drum as a means to gain an unfair advantage and pillaging the national treasury and heritage at every turn because THEY have supposedly been “prejudiced” against. They continue to polarise society.

…Munchhausers by Proxy is what I call it.

These are all classic manifestations and it would not take much thought to diagnose many more. Even worse is the thought of how many psychopaths are part of “normal” society in SA. For a person to say” I will take your last born (youngest child) and drown it in boiling water, or I will put it in the microwave and switch it on, unless you give me your money”, is as psychotic as you will get, yet this seems to be defendable as “normal crime”. (I am happy to send you the video interview).

Once you land at an Airport after having left South Africa, you still carry that with you and it is disguised by the obvious stresses of travel and jetlag and possible relocation, etc. etc. However, after a week or two you find your shoulders dropping and yourself relaxing, physically, in a way you never thought possible. You start finding open spaces in your mind where you can entertain other thoughts. But that is minor when you start discovering what an unusual perception you have of the world and media and politics in general. Then you also realise how desensitised you are to horrific things.

In comparison to international norms the following contribute to the abuse and resulting stress:

  • The Republic of South Africa has NO conservative platform or conservative political party or lobbyist group. It is a socialist Marxist paradise which makes even liberal conservatives seem right wing, and they are actively made to look so by the abusers. If you disagree, please point me to the keepers of basic “conservative principles” in SA as is found in most modern countries… Make the effort.
  • South Africa has 11 (ELEVEN) official languages. No other country has anywhere near that. Unless of course you take the European Union, but there EACH language has its own sovereign entity or nation(s). Makes you think…
  • South Africa has had race based laws for many decades and the current regime is expanding them even further. What? You mean it is illegal and unconstitutional? Many decent, considerate, CONSERVATIVE europeans agree with it without question, even thought they are the victims of BEE and AA abuse.
  • South Africa has a largely uneducated political elite who are not democratically elected. What? That is correct. The President, and therefore the cabinet is chosen by the political party in power AND NOT THE PEOPLE. As a result the President and cabinet is a result of party politics and not national politics. The people however seem to believe their vote counts…
  • Even though over 80% (Eighty) of the population are tribes migrated from central Africa (historically and currently), the remaining minorities are disenfranchised and targeted as the biggest threat to national stability and security, and as a result minority rights are abused as a rule, in all walks of life from getting an ambulance to hospital, to getting a job, the police, the courts, etc. etc. In fact the traditional “conservative” vote is so disenfranchised they no longer bother to vote, or vote strategically for a  party they do not actually agree with. There is also a large diaspora of over a million abroad which are disenfranchised from voting, structurally and emotionally.
  • The President of SA, who has seven wives who along with their dependents are all supported by the state, has not only been through the usual rape and fraud trails, but has also openly sung songs on stage about killing and shooting a segment of the people he governs. “Kill the Boer, shoot the farmer”, AND THAT IS NORMAL? If that is restrained behavior in public, one wonders what extremes he practices in private?

Even with such a massive majority, the abusers still feel the need to polarise and whip up the electorate with false promises and cries of injustice. Every election since when Mandela was allowed out, despite having refused to denounce violence, has been and always will be a slam dunk for the majority. As unlikely as it is, even if only a quarter of the majority always vote along a racial bias, which is not surprising given the racial rhetoric from their socialist leaders, they will still far out vote the minority. South Africa is struggling with a massive population explosion as well as unregulated and unfettered illegal migration from other failed African countries, so how on earth do the leaders imagine they can sustain this population, and then still promise them all a house and a car and a job and a now even a farm! Being a new civilization and even newer “democracy”, it is obvious the electorate has no defenses against politicians’’ ambition’s. It is also obvious that the leaders have no interest in the electorate except to further their own personal ambitions.

It is therefore entirely plausible, reasonable, acceptable, possible, and achievable and historically just that South Africa is split up into various states or countries where self-determination and normalcy can be pursued and returned to the people.

Far too long have ALL the people of South Africa been abused, conned, whipped up and polarised and lied to by the power structures. This has become so endemic and systematic and entrenched that it has become “the norm”. The only way forward is to separate the country and let each ethnic or social group develop and sustain themselves as happened in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, ChequeSlovakia etc. etc.

Against the backdrop of the recent harsh Boeremag sentences, which were seen by many to be purely political as “revenge” sentences for Mandela’s long incarceration, where these Boers who were fighting for the  reinstatement of their Boer Republics, were incorrectly labelled as white supremacists worldwide, the writing is clearly on the wall.

Secession is no longer a rebel dream, it is now an imperative to avoid genocide! Hark our warning…

Anyone one who does not see it is in denial or is purposely denying it to pursue their own agenda and is facilitating ethnic cleansing on a genocidal scale.

It will take many generations to desensitize and depolarize the people, never mind the damage done to the country and its economy, never mind trying to cope with an exploding population. Unless their is major assistance from the outside world, which is unlikely given the history of other failed African states, secession is the only PEACEFUL solution, and it might even end up being the VIOLENT solution too…

Don D