Reality Check 2 – Secession is now an imperative and inevitable. LET OUR PEOPLE GO!

Reality Check 2 – Secession is now an imperative and inevitable. LET OUR PEOPLE GO!

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Reality Check 2 – Secession is now an imperative and inevitable. LET OUR PEOPLE GO!

Africans have lost their claim to Southern Africa.

They are NOT the “First Nation”.

The African tribes have few accomplishments, no credentials, no moral credit or even a body or history or evidence of good works or monuments or great works or experience that would make them deserving of managing the sub-continent and ALL its inhabitants. Indulging yourself and your own people in selfish materialistic consumerism is NOT an accomplishment.

The only single reason why they are in government is simply due to overpopulation. NOTHING other than numbers.

Whilst in the past Africans might have had the ear of the world due to communist funded, race based propaganda machines and liberal English press, they were given what they wanted, but like an impetuous, spoiled child their eyes were bigger than their stomachs, and they have failed tragically. Instead of stepping up to the plate, they have continued to take and moan and complain and use and destroy.

Africans have lost any right to put their name or labels on the sub-continent. They have no right to take, take from, or use the land. They have no rights to use or take from the great animals of the subcontinent

Like in the past, the land is once again available to be claimed by an able responsible civilisation.

Now that I have your attention, STOP THE GENOCIDE OF RHINO’S AND ELEPHANTS!

It is the heritage and duty of all who call themselves Africans, to preserve our wild beasts for all man and the future. Once you have done that, come talk to me about your place in the world and your poverty and inability to drag yourself out of the self serving, self centred, selfish “african way”. Until then, I will hit you hard with the measuring stick of life!

As long as “The Spoorsnyers” (The trackers) have work, I will maintain this stance. As long as innocent beast are threatened with extinction by being hacked to death in brutal cold blooded ways and left to die mercilessly and rot.

As long as the population of Our Big Five declines as fast as the African population explodes, I will consider the African tribes as a virus which spread down from central Africa on a path of destruction and conquest.

Do not complain about your little emotional hurts due to racism. Man up. Try being a Rhino.

Do not complain about poverty. You can get a job or grant or even a farm simply because of your colour.

Do not complain about economic freedom. It is not your economy. You did not build it and you do not deserve it. The proof of this statement is the fact that you now claim you need to take it by force.

Even with being in power in government, with two decades of absolute unfair advantage of racist BEE and AA policies, you are still not able to manage? Now you want to take it by force? With a whole generation of privileged Freeborns, are you not able to compete on a level playing field? Are you not responsible? Is it not your country? Is this the African Way?

Is the African Way, the way of selfishness, laziness, hedonism, arrogance, vanity and self- centeredness, immorality?

You sit with your new found sense of entitlement and watch while the animals of the sub-continent are slaughtered EVERY SINGLE DAY! How can you let your kinfolk do this this if this is your country? Are we therefore to assume it is not your country? Is this the African Way?

You sit with your smug role playing civilisation, with the power of government and BEE jobs, which was GIVEN to you by the communists and liberal press, pretending that it is still you who are the needy offended ones? After two decades of international goodwill and untold billions in grants and handouts, you are happy to let your brothers go rob and murder and slaughter innocents (man and beast) for materialistic goods in the name of poverty. Why are you not outraged that your brothers commit unspeakable horrific carnage on children and the elderly? Have you no moral fibre? Is it not your country? Is this the African Way?

Do you see Afrikaners using the fact that you took their jobs, and now they are poor and live in squatter camps, as an excuse to go gruesomely rape and murder a harmless 80 year old for a cellphone or a few Rands? Is that not your country? Is this the African Way?

You defend or deny or ignore the rape of babies because you allow perpetrators to believe it cures HIV. Is the real world not your country? Is this the African Way?

You tell yourselves in private that “there is no colour black in the Rainbow nation”. Is it not your country then? Is that the African Way?

You hide behind the finger you point at so called “right wingers” who complain and march and protest about black on white murders. Yes, you are correct, numerically, your people are killing more of your own people. Why then are you not marching and protesting about black on black violence? Is it not your country? Is this the African Way?

You deny, lie and change and play with statistics as if that will change reality. Maybe that is indicative of the fantasy world you are living in? Maybe it is all just too good to be true that ALL of the country and government and the economy and the power over animals was given to you, that you are wondering about in a daze like someone who has won the lottery? Two decades later you are still complaining, lying, cheating, stealing, murdering. Is it not your country? Is that the African Way?

You allow millions of people through our borders, uncontrolled, to come slaughter the animals and farmers and to smuggle freely. You allow thousands to invade a city centre and rob and vandalise freely. Then you pretend innocence saying you cannot control people. Are you not in control? Is it not your country or government? Is that the African Way?

There are only 29 000 commercial farmers left in South Africa. In 1994 there were over 100 000. US Food Aid is keeping many Zimbabweans alive. Your country next? Or is it not your country? Is that the African Way?

I can carry on ad infinitum about the total destruction of civilisation and the fabric of society that is taking place by your hand under your rule. Obviously it is not your country. You obviously want the African Way.

You have no right to force the African Way on the beasts and minorities, and if you want to be left alone to live your African Way, allow those that so choose, to secede and live life Their Way, with their culture, their language, their standards, their compassion, their responsibility, their charity, their goodwill, their labour, their knowledge, their experience, their abilities, etc. … in the areas that they have a right to, a right earned by hard work and blood through the centuries.

Allow them to welcome their diaspora of over a million (2% of the population) “home” from exile. Your very own constitution demands this. Or is that not your constitution? Is it not your country? Is that the African Way?

We will hound you and expose your African Way every day, every time an innocent (man or beast) is slaughtered mercilessly in cold blood, until you “LET OUR PEOPLE GO”. We will also hound the spineless liberals who defend your African Way.

We now call on you to open communications and negotiations for secession and allow peace to prevail.

Secession is imperative and inevitable.