EFF doen ons werk vir ons, is dit goed so???

A request to stop aid or funding to South Africa until the ANC and the Zuma government have provided detailed reports of Nkandla and the arms deal corruption cases, has been made by prominent supporter of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and author of the book ‘Equipping American Presidents to Rule’ in an open letter to the USA, European Union, United Nations and The World Bank.

S.Stephen Mogagabe is the author of the book ‘Equipping American Presidents to Rule’ and lives in the USA. In an open letter posted on the EFF website he says any kind of aid or funding to South Africa should stop until the Zuma regime provides a detailed report of the Nkandla as well as the arms deal corruption case (note that the World Bank funded the Arm Deal purchase corruption case at hand), as well as an audit on the 20 billion Gauteng 8 lane road report and misappropriation of government fuel tax.
His letter further reads: “Your attempt as the World Bank/UN to fund or aid South Africa at present is not in the best interest of this nation; but in the interest of the ANC corrupt members who are running the government and the use of government money as they wish.
To loan a country like South Africa billions and trillions is simply throwing that money into ANC corrupt organized syndicate pockets led by Jacob Zuma and the entire ANC parliamentary members who drain that fund for alternative projects not initially proposed for aid/loan/funding. That is what the ANC has done from 1994-2013. The World Bank and/or USA and/or UN and/or EU has have been financing 18 years worth of ANC corruption syndicates. They have converted billions of financial aid into projects which were not proposed, intended and financed. What you don’t know is that I am a black man, and talk from a black educated perspective regarding this matter. ANC is run by hooligans, gangsters and the illiterate with suits of the like of Zuma.
They fired Mbeki for refusing to bend their way. Right now, even prominent Advocates are living this political party (ANC). You don’t have to take my word for it; just search how much financial aid or loans you gave South Africa which the ANC parliamentarians have converted for other “undisclosed” government so-called projects. South African’s financial audit is a disaster of the highest proportions- as we speak now; there is +20 billion of financial waste and corruption cases still pending- and guess who are involved in these matters, ANC members from the local government to the office of presidency. The Republicans in USA are simply a representation of ANC in South Africa. What you don’t know is that the ANC are organized corrupt parliamentarians syndicates who also block or order the legal system of South Africa from prosecuting or auditing projects which were initiated by the ANC or its corrupt members. You are dealing here – with the world of ‘corruption’ and ‘key fraudsters’ in the international world who are protected by ‘government officials’ who are as corrupt as those they protect.
It is demanded by the law of South Africa to audit the government financial reports and also to do forensic investigation of the same audited reports; however the ANC and its parliamentary so-called ‘minister’s cluster’ hijacks legal reports and removes any evidence in these reports by the public protector – in an attempt to stop the law of South Africa from prosecuting ANC members who are in the office of presidency, government departments and etc. That is called defeating the ends of Justice. Who is doing that from the parliament? The ANC and its members. To make matters worse is that the Police of South Africa (and its ANC members who are part of the police system) are allowing such crimes to continue. Right now as you read this matter; the ANC members of parliament demanded alterations to the audit and report of ‘ANC Jacob Zuma’s R230 million’ so-called Nkandla renovation house. Not even Nelson Mandela’s house cost that much expense. The ANC has attacked the audit by Advocate Thuli Madonsela naming it ‘an embarrassment’.
It is very clear that the government of South Africa has no role in deciding how the public protector deals with any report, even in this case. It is the public protector who herself (Advocate Thuli Madonsela) who has the final say when and how that report is written and published. However the ANC claims that it has powers to erase any information on the 230 million corruption and fraud report which they deem fit as ‘hooligans’; thus preventing the Constitution of South Africa to have effect in such matters. An ANC member, namely; Jeff Radebe who is the minister of Justice said and I quote: “When we give our comments to the public protector, where there (are) such instances, we will be proposing certain remedial measures,”. This is an ANC member who says any information which the R230 million Nkandla audit and criminal report has or reveals, must needs be ‘adjusted’ to erase any type of ’embarrassment’ as the ANC secretary has stated. The report does not need to remedy- yet the ANC Justice Minister of South Africa deem it fit to be ‘re-written’ in the context of ANC. This report is clear and straightforward, yet corrupt ANC members are forcing it to be ‘adjusted’ so ANC member; and namely president Zuma and his accomplice in this matter (those ANC members who participated in the R230 million fraud and corrupt deal of Nkandla) to evade the law of the country and prosecution.”

From eTeam SApromo